May 4, 2013 – “Befriending Your Ex”

What does it mean to befriend your ex?

Are you able to let go of past hurts?

Do you know the 5 C’s that are important in letting go and moving on from hurt and pain?

Befriending is about developing a new relationship. It’s about starting over, making a conscious, mindful, and deliberate effort to let go of past hurts, wounds, and beliefs.

Sure, there probably are, or will be, moments when your ex-spouse (or partner) makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs. But it is possible to have a win-win-win situation for you, your kids and/or pets, and your ex. Call Audrey to find out how.

Audrey’s guest for this discussion will be:

Dr. Judith Rabinor, author, Befriending Your Ex after Divorce: Making Life Better for You, Your Kids, and, Yes, Your Ex

DC Metro Area:

Out of State:1-855-288-HURN (4876)

Book for Discussion

befriending-your-ex-after-divorce-sbBefriending Your Ex after Divorce: Making Life Better for You, Your Kids, and, Yes, Your Ex

Befriending Your Ex challenges many of the destructive myths about divorce, and sets out to change the way we think about the process of divorce and its ultimate outcome. While divorce certainly can have negative effects upon children, when they occur, these effects are likely to result from a hostile and combative relationship between ex-spouses. This uplifting book reminds the reader that all divorces need not follow this unhappy script, and that ex-spouses can collaboratively co-parent and be a source of support, not only to their children, but to one another as well.

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