March 30, 2013 – “Get A Better Attitude, Get A Man?”

Wanna know if you have a bad attitude?

Check out the attitude list:

Attitude #1: Anger
“I’m angry, don’t even mess with me!”

Attitude #2: Control
“Man (woman), where were you last night?”

Attitude #3: Desperation
“I’m going to make you love me!”

Attitude #4: Materialism
“Ain’t nothing going on in here but the rent!”

Attitude #5: Mothering
“Come to mama baby!”

Attitude #6: Shame
“Without a man, I feel like nothing!”

Attitude #7: Cynacism
“All men are sorry. Men ain’t nothing but trouble!”

If any of these sound like you…then you got attitude!

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Books for Discussion

Seven Attitude Adjustments for Finding

a Loving Man

You know you’re fine. Plus, you have a decent job, a nice place to live. You’re smart and ambitious. So, where’s your man?

Because you’re so well pulled together and without a partner, you may have developed an attitude toward men…

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Getting Good Loving:
Seven Ways to Find Love and Make it Last

Only 57% of single Black men and women ever marry.

Why? Because too many men and women enter into relationships without seven ways to both find love and make love last.


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