August 3, 2013 – “Is Online Dating an Effective Way to Meet People?”

computer_loveAudrey really wants to know.

If you have ever done any online dating, Audrey wants to hear from you.

Is it more effective than old-fashioned ways of meeting possible mates, such as at work, a bar, at a party, or through friends and family?

Is it the same, or even harder?

Audrey and her guest, Damona Hoffman, the author of Spin Your Web: How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating, will discuss this topic.

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Books for Discussion 

spin_your_webSpin Your Web: How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating
Online dating has become one of the top four ways people are meeting, dating, and getting married today. So what is the secret that separates those who find love online from those who just log on? It’s all about ‘branding’ yourself with
a snappy, sexy profile that instantly sets you apart from the pack…

Learn more about this book …


Seven Attitude Adjustments for Finding
a Loving Man

You know you’re fine. Plus, you have a decent job, a nice place to live. You’re smart and ambitious. So, where’s your man?

Because you’re so well pulled together and without a partner, you may have developed an attitude toward men…

Learn more about this book …

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