June 8, 2013 – “It’s Hard Out Here For A Man”

Men face stress just like women.hustle_flow

Sometimes its camouflaged as anger…but it’s really depression.

Unfortunately, men tend not to be as open about the pressures they are under.

They tend to hold too much inside, alone.

Don’t miss this chance to let it out, learn how to let it out, or support a man you love in letting it out.

Audrey and her guest, Ernest H. Johnson, Ph.D., the author of Brothers on the Mend: Understanding and Healing Anger for African-American Men and Women will discuss how to cope.

Are you camouflaging your depression with anger? Call in on Saturday!

DC Metro Area:

Out of State:
1-855-288-HURN (4876)

Books for Discussion

brothersBrothers on the Mend: Understanding and Healing Anger for African-American Men and Women

Although the unique problems of black men are not new, they have been habitually discussed without solid suggestions for change — until now. Psychologist Ernest Johnson, who has been helping black men cope with anger — including his own — for more than a decade, offers hope and answers. He shows how anger can be used — rather than avoided — to build a life filled with love, self-respect, and peace.

Learn more about this book …

Getting Good Loving:
Seven Ways to Find Love and Make it Last

Only 57% of single Black men and women ever marry.

Why? Because too many men and women enter into relationships without seven ways to both find love and make love last.


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