March 9, 2013 – “Self-Esteem Occurs – Inside Out, Or Outside In?”

What is self-esteem anyway?

Tune in for real answers, and real talk about the impact of what is on your outside (how you look) on how you feel on the inside.

Audrey’s guest will be Matthew McKay, Ph.D., author of The Self-Esteem Guided Journal: A 10-Week Program.

See an excerpt from Dr. McKay’s Self-Concept Inventory and the books that will be discussed below.

Share your thoughts on this issue with Audrey and her guest!

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Dr. McKay’s Self-Concept Inventory

Write down as many words or phrases as you can to describe yourself in the following areas:

  1. Physical Appearance
  2. How You Relate to Others
  3. Personality
  4. How Others See You
  5. Performances at School or On the Job
  6. Performances of Daily Tasks of Life
  7. Mental Functioning
  8. Sexuality

When you finish with the inventory, go back and put a (+) by items that represent strengths or things that you like about yourself.

Put a (-) by items that you consider to be weaknesses or things you would like to change about yourself.

Don’t mark items that are neutral or factual observations about yourself.

Books for Discussion

The Self-Esteem Guided Journal: A 10-Week Program

This book offers a ten-week program of writing exercises that will help you shift your focus from the things wrong with your life to the things that are right.
Learn more about this book


Seven-Attitude-Adjustments-for-Finding-a-Loving-ManSeven Attitude Adjustments for Finding a Loving Man

You know you’re fine. Plus, you have a decent job, a nice place to live. You’re smart and ambitious. So, where’s your man?
Because you’re so well pulled together and without a partner, you may have developed an attitude toward men…
Learn more about this book …


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