July 20, 2013 – “Soothing Anger & Pain Within: Finding Peace for the Mind & the Soul”

Soothing Anger & Pain Within:
Finding Peace for the Mind & the Soul

We are opening up the phone lines to give you the opportunity to express any emotions or thoughts that you have about last Saturday’s Trayvon Martin verdict, but particularly how it speaks to your life.

Perhaps you are a father, a brother, a sister or a mother who’s left with unfinished business.

Tune in on Saturday and join Audrey and her guests for this important discussion. We want to hear from you!

Audrey’s guests will be:

Rev. Dr. Leonard N. Smith, Mount Zion Baptist Church of Arlington, VA

Mr. Walter Kirkland, President of the 100 Black Men of Prince George’s County

DC Metro Area:

Out of State:
1-855-288-HURN (4876)

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