June 15, 2013 – “Striking the Balance Between Giving & Taking for Men”

Are you aware that how your father related to you plays a role in how you relate to yourself and
how you respond to others?

For Father’s Day we look at how boys become men and fathers, the challenges they face, and how they learn to strike the balance between giving to/taking from those they love.

Audrey and her guest, Dr. Robert A. Glover, the author of No More Mr. Nice Guy! and some Washington, DC Metropolitan Area fathers will discuss these challenges and how to overcome them.

We would love to hear from you regarding how you’ve handled the challenges that you have encountered as you transitioned from boys to men. Call in on Saturday!

DC Metro Area:

Out of State:
1-855-288-HURN (4876)

Books for Discussion

No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Proven Plan for Getting What You Want in Love, Sex, and Life

Dr. Glover explains how men can stop seeking approval and start getting what they want in life, by presenting the information and tools to help them ensure their needs are met, to express their emotions, to have a satisfying sex life, to embrace their masculinity and form meaningful relationships with other men, and to live up to their creative potential.

Learn more about this book …

Getting Good Loving:
Seven Ways to Find Love and Make it Last
(Chapter 4 – It’s A Man’s Thing)

Only 57% of single Black men and women ever marry.

Why? Because too many men and women enter into relationships without seven ways to both find love and make love last.

Announcement: Special Seminar for Men
October 12, 2013

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