Saturday, April 27, 2013 – “When She Cheats”

contests-Temptation-thumbnailIf your wife or girlfriend cheated, would you stay with her and continue to love her?


Recent reports have looked at the increasing number of women who are cheating on their mates. Now, Tyler Perry explores the subject in the film “Temptation.”

Audrey wants to hear about your chances of falling to temptation, or how you kept your relationship moving forward after you did.

Audrey’s guests for this discussion will be:

Mr. Kevin Jackson, founder,

Dr. Tammy Nelson, author, The New Monogamy: Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity

Call Audrey to share your experiences and thoughts on this discussion.

DC Metro Area:

Out of State:1-855-288-HURN (4876)

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NewMonogamy-F.inddThe New Monogamy: Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity

Everyone has their own concept of what “monogamy” means—and most people assume their partners and spouses are on the same page. Couples may assume that they are monogamous, but never discuss exactly what the monogamy agreement means to them. What happens when this implicit agreement is broken? After infidelity, relationships can become strained as both partners lose trust and faith in each other. The New Monogamy offers a way out of these difficulties for couples struggling to stay together after infidelity.

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