It’s the Earth, Wind & Fire Mini Concert Series

The Weekend Review’s “Mini Concert Series” continues to feature some of your favorite artists and groups. This weekend I will be featuring one of the most popular R&B and Funk bands of the 70’s,  Earth, Wind & Fire. 

E,W&FFormed back in the 1969 in Chicago, IL, with band leader Maurice White and lead singer Phillip Bailey.   Earth, Wind & Fire used Funk as it’s core foundation and successfully incorporated Jazz, Soul, Smooth R&B, Pop, Rock & Roll, African and Disco.  Their catalog of music is extensive, so I’ll try and get as many songs in as possible.

The Weekend Review airs Saturday evenings on Sirius XM Channel 141 from e,w f46pm to 8pm with the Mini Concert starting in the 7pm hour. We will rebroadcast the show Sunday morning from 12midnight to 2am (Mini Concert starts in the 1am hour).    So I invite you to tune in and check out your favorite hits from this legendary band, Earth, Wind & Fire. 

During this weekends show, check out  my “Pick Hit” of the Week, the single, “I’m in Like” by Raphael Saadiq.Raphael Saadiq

So, enjoy the show, have a great weekend and Happy New Year to you and yours!