Tuesday’s 1:10 Midday Lifestyle Tip: Having Something at Your Home? No Need to Apologize!

If you’re planning a party/get-together/function at your house, avoid pointing out flaws like… the floors need re-finishing or your sofa’s outdated. “No Need to Apologize” for your house/home! Experts say, you should feel confident about it! They also say, bite your tongue if you’re worried the food is just okay! On top of that, it’s not necessary to explain why it didn’t turn out well. Doing this, only makes it less appealing for your guests, and forces them to work extra hard to assure you how well everything turned out.

Triscina Grey

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Veteran radio personality Triscina Grey has graced the midday airwaves of WHUR since 1991. Her top-rated show features Café 96, an hour of live musical requests and lunchtime favorites. A genuinely spiritual person, Triscina hails from New Haven, CT. Aside from radio, Triscina has volunteered for many causes including the National Council of Negro Women, the NAACP, March of Dimes and American Cancer Society. Through it all, she manages to balance her career with volunteer work, a proud marriage and motherhood. Ask her and she’ll tell you she is “very thankful and blessed” and she is quick to give God all the glory.

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