Video of father discipling daughter goes viral and stirs on-line debate


Over the past few days a video of a father beating his daughter has gone viral. One of the captions reads, “Father Whoops On His 13-Year-Old Daughter Dressed Like Beyonce After Missing For 3 Days Off With boys….Thought She Was Off In The Woods Dead Somewhere!

The video is too lewd for us to post here but you can google it.  Is Dad Wrong Or Right for Whooping His 13 Year Old Daughter

The video shows a man beating a young woman with a belt while pulling her hair and calling her a whore and the B-word. It was a horrific display of violence and brutal humiliation. A debate has followed on social media about the posting and whether or not this form of punishment is appropriate.

Is this child abuse?  Many people say yes.  But there are still others who support this type of old school discipline.

Do the old school rules still apply today?…..especially when this type of treatment can be posted on line and lead to arrests of the parent or guardian.

Some people are quick to say, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” But, shouldn’t African Americans be just as critical of anyone that seeks to use scripture as an excuse for maltreatment and abuse? Self selective religious interpretation for the purposes of supporting physical violence and abuse was used during our own enslavement and colonization.

We’ve all heard, “If I don’t do it, the court system will do it one day.” Black parents have been whipping their children for decades and it hasn’t stopped millions of our young Black boys and girls from going to prison. Beatings don’t solve that. Addressing overall societal issues is the leading way to prevent prison time.

What if you were asked this as a parent, “What would you do if this was your daughter missing for three days?….”You have to show tough love to kids today.”  If this is what parental love looks like in her home, would you blame her for staying away? If this brutality was so easily displayed for public viewing, one can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors. (Forty-three percent of runaway youth (girls and boys) reported physical abuse before leaving home.  – National Runaway Hotline Stats.) 

Finally, what if we are to assume for just one impossible second that this really is a father that “cares?” Is this young girl now supposed to connect physical violence and verbal abuse with love?

Let’s just think about it for a second. If this is love, what is hate?

What are your views about this and on acceptable disciplinary practices?



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