Wacky Word Wednesday

This week’s WACKY WORD is “SPIRISTERLY”!!!!!!!!!

In honor of this Wednesday’s special Sister Cafe 96 guest, our WACKY WORD WEDNESDAY has been inspired by Steve Harvey Morning Show’s Very Own, SHIRLEY STRAWBERRY!!!


shirley                   Triscina Good Photo


After her recent LIVE On-Air birthday surprise proposal, she came to Cafe 96 to discuss her engagement, birthday, and shared some spiritual and wise advice to all of the SISTERS!

 Shirley Strawberry engagement



SPIRI- This stands for “SPIRIT”, and represents the spiritual message from Shirley Strawberry!!!

STERLY- This is a combination of “SHIRLEY STRAWBERRY” and “SISTERLY”, representing the inspiring Sisterly Chat on the Cafe!!!

Be sure to remember this word to for a chance to win a Frantic Friday Prize Pack, Best of Luck to you! Blessings!

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