When Pastors Start beefing……

Reverend TD Jakes is no Lemar Kendrick…by any stretch of the imagination….but is there a similar beef developing around a cast of TV preachers?  Many of you are aware of the beef that started when Lemar called out the top rappers to step their game up…now Rev. Jakes is doing the same for the “Preachers of LA” TV show.

While here has been a lot of controversy generated around the debut of “The Preachers of LA,” the show has also generated a lot of viewers.  The new hit reality show delivered the strongest Wednesday premiere in the history of the Oxygen Network.

Some have referred to this show as the “Pimps in the Pulpit” or the “Pimps of Praise.” Over two million viewers have tuned in to see these LA pastors living on beach front properties and in 8-bedroom mansions, driving around in Bentleys and top of line Range Rovers and living a lifestyle of adulation that rivals those of top rappers.

This past weekend, during Sunday morning service at TD Jakes Potters House Church in Dallas, the influential spiritual leader set aside a portion of his sermon to address the cast in addition to declaring that he’s “not bling-blinging” and that he’s far from being a “shake and bake” preacher.

Do you agree with TD Jakes?  Does this cast a bad light on all flamboyant ministers?  Or, is this just about TV ratings and we all should just not watch it if we don’t agree?

What to you think about this?  Take a look at the video from TD Jakes and for those of you who are just hearing about the show?….take a look at the trailer, judge for yourself and please post your comments below.